MICROSHADING. Also referred to as the Powder Brow, this gorgeous technique is done with a machine, giving you that gorgeous filled in pencil brow, but heals soft and powdery. This technique is perfect for all skin types.

3D BROWS. This technique is perfect for the “natural with a little umph” kinda girl! Combines the Microblading technique with just a touch of Microshading to give a little depth to a very natural and believable brow. Ideal for dry to combination skin types.
Ombre Brow (Powder Brow). Holy Cow! Look Out! This glam brow is for the girl who wants to wake up looking gorgeous and ready to go! If you want “wake up and go brows” this one’s for you! This technique is popular for its soft, light beginning and gradual ombre tail. Heals so soft and natural, no one would guess it wasn’t perfectly sculpted by you! Ideal for all skin types too!
MICROBLADING. This is the most natural of all the techniques! Created by hand drawing hair stroke by stroke, this soft and undetectable technique is easy to wear! Wake up and go or glam it up! Either way, you can do any look with this style! Ideal for dry skin types.
AKB METIER MIX. Also known as the Combo Brow, this is one of the most, if not THE Most, popular techniques trending today! And for good reason! This highly requested technique offers the best of both worlds! Natural hair like strokes in the front, completed with a soft powdery Ombre finish in the tails. Ideal for combination/dry skin types.

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